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Alumatec’s REVOLutionary designed open pattern roll-up shutter for extreme high cycle parking garage applications.

The REVOL® has been engineered with 99% less moving components ensuring less maintenance and a longer cycle-life compared to a traditional high cycle roll-up grille.

High-Quality Commercial Security Doors & Grilles

The buildings that host small businesses, large commercial operations, and industrial facilities all vary greatly. What doesn’t vary across these venues is the importance of security. It’s imperative for any business to not only commit to the utmost security but also to do so with a professional appearance and reliable technology. You’ll find those qualities in the retail, commercial, and industrial aluminum security doors from Alumatec.

Alumatec stands out from the competition by offering commercial security doors and grilles in customizable configurations—and turning each project around faster than anyone else in the industry. Do you have special requests for link spacing in your roll-up grille gate? Do you need your door in a more eye-catching color than standard-issue steel? We can do that—and do it in about three days. Alumatec sprints to the finish line to manufacture and ship your commercial security doors and grilles —without sacrificing an iota of quality in our craftsmanship.

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Aesthetic Armor

If it is security and beauty you want to protect your valuable assets, our products will meet or exceed your needs. Alumatec can build your roll-up grilles, counter or full height shutters, and side folding grilles to your specifications and provide installation, parts, and service.

Roll-Up Grilles

HIGH QUALITY & reliable


Ideal for store-front applications to roll up above a ceiling or soffit structure.

Side folding security doors

Ideal for large openings or storefronts with straight or curved layouts.

Product Images - Resized - Alumatec-LIGO-21

Unique design enables these doors to have the smallest profile coils. Perfect for counter top applications.

Parking garage security grille

Designed for the rigors of high cycle use. Available in 100k and up to 500k cycle life variants.

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Our vendor network consists of over 5000 providers throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean islands. With 24-hour around the clock service technicians available, we have the ability to repair all brands of closures, plus all other maintenance issues.

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For standard service call: 877-770-0181
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