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ST-12 (open-pattern) Side-Folding

When vertical space is at a premium, you can’t roll your security door up or down. That doesn’t mean you can’t install a security door, however—it’s simply time to think horizontally with our side-folding security grilles. Alumatec’s ST-12 open-pattern grille is an excellent choice for securing any type of storefront. Side-folding doors and grilles require no headroom and have adjustable roller stems. Their openings can be curvilinear and require no floor track. The ST-12 is one of the strongest and most durable open-pattern curtains in the industry. We manufacture each side-folding security grille using a double-action hinge system and sleeved rods, ensuring that this grille will hold up to the rigors of daily use.

Standard Features:

  • Vertical panel-style spacing at 12” aperture
  • Clear width aperture of openings - 2”
  • Lightweight design makes for easy installation and operation.
  • Aluminum hinges, links and rods provide strength and durability.
  • Open pattern allows for high visibility of merchandise.
  • Radius options of: 30 (14”), 45 (14”), 90 (14"), or custom continuous curve.
  • Available Panel Widths 4½" (tighter side-room) & 13" (tighter stacking)

Available Finishes:

  • Clear (Class II) Anodized
  • Dark Bronze (Class II) Anodized
  • Black (Class II) Anodized
  • Custom Powder-Coating (RAL Color-Chart)

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