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Polycarbonate Side-Folding Grilles

LXS (polycarbonate) Side-Folding

Just as overhead doors benefit from the durable duo of aluminum and polycarbonate, storefronts that rely on side-folding installations can make use of this sturdy construction thanks to the LXS polycarbonate side-folding grille from Alumatec. This door is a beautiful combination of security and style. We manufacture each of our polycarbonate side-folding grilles to your storefront’s specifications, using 1/16” (interior) and 3/32” (exterior) polycarbonate to provide years of security and visibility to your products. Glazed side-folding accordion doors allow for maximum storefront merchandising and help control temperature and cleanliness of the store. 

Standard Features:

  • 99.9% Closed Curtain.
  • Each window is framed to prevent abrasions on the glass.
  • Prevents “reach-through” burglary.
  • Combination of aluminum and Lexan provide strength and durability.
  • Allows merchandise to be placed near storefront for greater visibility.
  • Radius options of: 30 (14”), 45 (14”), 90 (14"), or custom continuous curve.
  • Available Panel Widths 4½" “narrow panel”
  • 13-inch “wide panel”

Available Finishes:

  • Clear (Class II) Anodized
  • Dark Bronze (Class II) Anodized
  • Black (Class II) Anodized
  • Custom Powder-Coating (RAL Color-Chart)

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