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Parts & Accessories

Rolling Doors

Thumb Turn Cylinder

Standard Mortise Cylinder

Cylinder Housing Mount

Interchangeable Core Cylinder

BEST 7-pin Core

2 Point Lock

Guide Mounted Interlock

Standard Key Station

Top Slat

5′-0″ Pull Hook

Guide Mounted Lock Stops

Lock Bar

Lock Bar Guide

15′-0″ Egress Device

Interior Mount Photo Cells

FRABA Photo Cells (Nema-4)

Bottom Bar Carriage Bolts

Standard Ceiling Stop

Standard Aluminum Eyelet

2″ Aluminum Link (Mill)

2″ Assembled Links

Crank Handle

C-Clip Kit

Axel Nuts

Hollow Sleeve – 9″

5/16″ Mill Finish Rod

2″ Teardrop Handle

4″ Teardrop Handle

Side-Folding Doors

UHMW Drop Lock Guide

Slider Knob

Floor Socket

Alligator Lock

Roller Bearing Stem

V-2 Roller Bearing

V-3 Roller Bearing

4″ 1-Hole “I” with Roller Stem  Mounting Hole

4″ 1-Hole “I”

V-2 Straight Track

V-3 Straight Track

12″ PVC Hollow Sleeve

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