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Security Door Parts & Accessories

Alumatec goes beyond designing, building, and shipping your aluminum doors and grilles in record time. We also stay committed after each sale by offering the security door parts and accessories you need to keep your gate operating effectively through the years.

Even the best-constructed doors will show signs of wear and tear over time. With that in mind, we offer a full complement of security door spare parts to handle any issues that should arise. From tracks and bearings to lock bars and lock stops, whatever it takes to keep your security door functioning at its best, these door parts and accessories will help you along the way.

Peruse our selection of security door parts and accessories below to find the parts that suit your door model.

Rolling Doors

Thumb Turn Cylinder

Standard Mortise Cylinder

Cylinder Housing Mount

Interchangeable Core Cylinder

BEST 7-pin Core

2 Point Lock

Guide Mounted Interlock

Standard Key Station

Top Slat

5′-0″ Pull Hook

Guide Mounted Lock Stops

Lock Bar

Lock Bar Guide

15′-0″ Egress Device

Interior Mount Photo Cells

FRABA Photo Cells (Nema-4)

Bottom Bar Carriage Bolts

Standard Ceiling Stop

Standard Aluminum Eyelet

2″ Aluminum Link (Mill)

2″ Assembled Links

Crank Handle

C-Clip Kit

Axel Nuts

Hollow Sleeve – 9″

5/16″ Mill Finish Rod

2″ Teardrop Handle

4″ Teardrop Handle

Side-Folding Doors

UHMW Drop Lock Guide

Slider Knob

Floor Socket

Alligator Lock

Roller Bearing Stem

V-2 Roller Bearing

V-3 Roller Bearing

4″ 1-Hole “I” with Roller Stem  Mounting Hole

4″ 1-Hole “I”

V-2 Straight Track

V-3 Straight Track

12″ PVC Hollow Sleeve

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