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Solid Side-Folding Security Doors (Side-Folding Accordion Door)

SAS (Solid) Side-Folding

Broken storefront glass windows don’t just represent high repair expenses for your small business—they also send an unmistakably ugly message in the aftermath of a break-in. Glass storefronts require true security. You’ll enjoy that with the SAS, the solid side-folding security door model from Alumatec. You’ll also find the SAS and similar solid security doors behind storefront glass and in high-end retail to conceal store inventory. Any storefront or area that requires the highest level of security can benefit from solid side-folding security doors as well. For standalone storefront applications, Alumatec has designed our storefront mullion-mounted L-Bracket for ease of installation, boasting virtually no head-room requirement.

Standard Features:

  • Solid aluminum panels provide maximum security.
  • Ideal for exterior mounting.
  • Prevents “reach-through” burglary.
  • Radius options of: 30 (14”), 45 (14”), 90 (14"), or custom continuous curve.
  • Available Panel Widths 4½" (tighter side-room) & 13" (tighter stacking)

Available Finshes:

  • Clear (Class II) Anodized
  • Dark Bronze (Class II) Anodized
  • Black (Class II) Anodized
  • Custom Powder-Coating (RAL Color-Chart)


  • Bottom rubber seal modification option

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