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AT-9-SHC (Extreme High Cycle / Parking Garage Grille)

Extreme High cycle grilles offer heavy duty, commercial grade security for high-traffic locations where remote access is required. This particular model is an elevated (motor operated) version of the AT-9 HC which is strengthened by additional sleeves and axel nuts on rods, zinc plated copper eyelets, deeper guides, and a full width top slat for optimal connection to the barrel assembly. Reaping the same airflow and visibility benefits of our high cycle grille, this model also provides a significantly increased cycle life (250k) for parking structure applications with over 50 parking spaces or tenants.

Standard Features:

  • 250K cycle-life
  • Sleeved rod and link pattern every 4th horizontal rod across opening.
  • 8-9 inch per second operating speed. (standard)
  • High cycle 3” deep guides with ABS wear strips to prevent metal on metal contact for extreme cycle-life.
  • Spring-less barrel assembly.
  • Safety Edge & FRABA (nema-4) photo-eyes.
  • Hood cover

Available Modifications:

  • Fascia (front) cover
  • Motor operated with “Titan” (Euro-Drive) operator (guaranteed 2-million cycles)
  • Travel speed: up to 14 inches per second with added “Control panel & VFD” modification
  • Custom link spacing

Available Finishes:

  • Mill (Standard)
  • Clear Anodized
  • Dark Bronze Anodized
  • Black Anodized
  • Custom Powder-Coating (RAL Color-Chart)

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