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REVOL (500k) Shutter

Not content to stand pat, Alumatec has REVOLutionized the exterior rolling shutter industry with a model that will last longer than any other. The REVOL® commercial roll-up shutter from Alumatec is an open-pattern roll-up shutter that we’ve designed specifically for extreme high-cycle parking garage applications. We’ve engineered the REVOL® to use 90% fewer moving components than its competitors, ensuring less maintenance and a guaranteed lifespan of 500,000 cycles. Compared with a traditional high cycle roll-up grille, that’s REVOLutionary.

Standard Features:

  • 500K cycle-life guarantee. (reference warranty)
  • No traditional travel failure points. (as found on typical rolling grilles)
  • 99% less moving parts in comparison to a traditional grille.
  • Direct shaft mounted high speed motor operation.
    (Eliminates the need for a traditional safety brake)
  • On average 18” per second on the open and 12” per second on the close
  • “UHMW Panel & hardware protector to prevent side-shifting during operation”
  • Hood cover
  • Safety Edge & FRABA (nema-4) photo-eyes.
  • High cycle 3" deep guides with ABS wear strips to prevent metal on metal contact for increased cycle-life.

Additional Options:

  • Operational speed—On average of 18” per second on the open and 12” per second on the close.

Available Finishes:

  • Clear Anodized
  • Dark Bronze Anodized
  • Anodized in Black or Dark Bronze anodized
  • DuraCoat® finishes available
  • Custom Powder-Coating (RAL Color-Chart)

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